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Taxation of Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Positions regarding the taxation of sugar sweetened beverages:

Childhood Obesity Foundation

"Childhood Obesity Foundation: Position Statement in Marketing to Children and Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxation"
March 2013
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"Tax Needed on Sugary Drinks; there is Strong Evidence that Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Contribute to Obesity and Other Health Problems"
Warshawski, T. and Mitton, C.
January 2013
Type: News Article
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"Preventing Unhealthy Weights: A Tax on Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) as Part of the Solution"
Type: Position Statement
January 2011
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Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada

"Extra Sugar, Extra Calories, Extra Weight - More Chronic Disease. The case for a Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax"
Type: Position Statement
June 2011
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BC Healthy Living Alliance

"Taxation of Sugar Sweetened Beverages"
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Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention

Support for the "A Multidimensional Approach to Reducing the Appeal of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages" Project
Dr. Kim Raine, Alberta Public Health Association, President
Type: Letter
March 2012
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"Taxing Sugar Sweetened Beverages: The Case for Public Health"
Type: Brief
October 2011
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Healthy Canada Now: 2011 APCCP Federal Election Candidate Survey - Comments
Type: Survey
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Additional Position Statements from US Organization

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